Monday, 30 November 2009

HAS 29.11.09

I can hardly believe that I actually got to Hertford this month! It is well worth sitting on a train for two hours, but I rather wasted the day again. Spent a lot of time chatting, catching up. And I missed most of the warm up, because I had to go and buy lunch and something to paint on. Even then I did the first oil sketch on mountboard ......and it's the best one of the day!

No meeting next month, obviously, because it's Christmas, so have a wonderful holiday everyone, and I'll see you next year!

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Same format as usual, a couple of 10 minute poses, a 20 minute pose, a half hour pose and then a rest of the day pose.
Not much to show, again, although I thought at the time I was working quite hard!
I was too excited about my forthcoming TV appearance to concentrate, and people kept coming to ask all about it, after I announced it.
Just for fun, the BBCs' The One Show is having their own 'Summer Exhibition' and asked viewers to submit artwork. I was informed on Friday that I have been shortlisted, and invited to appear on the show on Monday 27th July at 7pm. If you cannot watch live, the programme can be found on the website up to a week afterwards.
I am nervous and excited, but I intend to enjoy the day and have fun.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Started with 10 minute sketches and I think this poor specimen must have put me off, because from then I concentrated on the head and shoulders for the rest of the day!

These two will probably be used for paintings in my 'Hats' series!

These two oil sketches are in the wrong order, the first, taking all afternoon (!), (1 1/2 hrs really, but more gossiping than painting I know), the second done in the half hour before lunch. Both of which need a lot of tweeking.

I do feel that I didn't do very well, and have vowed to spend the time at HAS better focussed in future.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Extra Helpings

Sorry, not HAS! I went along, last evening, to a local art club, St Germans, and found a welcoming, warm, busy atmosphere. Everyone had brought along something to do, be it flowers, photos of landscapes or cats or dogs, and then there was me, who asked permission to sketch the artists at work. I got a jolly nice, interested, response, both to the request, and to the results.
I started with carbon pencil, and hated it. So I changed to charcoal..........much better, far quicker to get a result and much more managable.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Fantastic Day!

I actually got to Hertford Art Society on Saturday, it took two hours to get there from my new home, a 7 o'clock start by train! It was well worth the effort as I had a fantastic day. It followed the usual format, but as we got there early I sketched a fellow artist geting her caffeine fix!
Enjoy! And happy painting!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Well, sorry, folks, but I didn't get to HAS life drawing on Saturday. Lack of funds. You really can't spend 25 quid on a 'day out' when there is only 80 in the pot! If I sold everything I did the very next day, maybe it would be justifiable. No good moaning, but I was really disappointed. Roll on end of Feb!

To keep you going, here are a few drawings from previous sessions, that I saw fit to keep.

Most of them are big, on 19" x 27" sheets of Canson pastel paper.











I used to skip the quick sketches, and go out to buy my sandwich, couldn't see the point! Fool that I was! And I didn't used to paint, either, but concentrate on charcoal drawing, except that one time with watercolour. Funny how things change.

Thanks for your visit, I really appreciate it.

I have numbered the pictures in case you have a comment, also for ease if you wish to purchase any (or all!) of the drawings, they are 25 GBP each.
Please email me if you are interested.