Sunday, 30 November 2008

Life Drawing HAS

First we did two ten minute drawings to warm up. I wouldn't normally try for the whole thing in such a short time, especially with two models! I think I caught the essence, although accuracy suffered a lot.

Next was two twenty minute poses, and going to the other extreme I concentrated on Geralds' head!

For the rest of the day, this pose was set. I was very pleased with this. Usually we have two models and they are separated most of the time, or posed together in a very unlikely way. This I thought could be any couple snuggled up together, watching TV.
I realised afterwards that after two hours I was fiddling with the painting and spoiling what I had done. Next time, which will be the last Saturday in January, I shall try to do two small oils. I really don't know why I didn't think to change position and do another on Saturday.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Go With the Flow!

We started the day with several 20 minute poses. There were two models, usually one stood and the other sat, crouched or lay down. I have no idea why, but I will always opt for a sitting, crouching or laying down pose! The last one here was an exercise in not taking the charcoal off the paper. I actually love the way it is all out of proportion, one arm thicker than the other, her head too small, etc.!

This was a 1 hour pose, and the other model, just before lunch. I was having a great time, it was one of those days where just putting charcoal to paper resulted in a drawing. No analysing, no thinking, no struggling, no labouring, just going with the flow. I love those days!

This was my effort for the rest of the day, about 21/2 hours. Not much to show is it, but I was flying high and enjoyed it immensely. I can see now that a few areas need cooling down, and I'm not sure if I like her floating!
Thanks for your visit, see you next month.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hertford Art Society

2 minute sketch

1 hour sketch

2 hour sketch, afternoon pose

20 minute sketch

20 minute sketch

10 minute sketch

8 minute sketch

4 minute sketch

I've not posted these in the order we did them, which I was trying to do, and now I can't change the order!

We started with the 2o minute sketches, then the 10, 8,4,2minutes, then the 1 hour painting before lunch.

The model I chose to draw, Thelma, then did a new pose for the afternoon. The other model, Michelle kept to the same pose as before lunch.

I had a thoroughly wonderful day, interspersed by plenty of chat, coffee and fag breaks!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Coming Soon

It was my intention to have a separate blog for the HAS life drawing sessions every month.
And to post everything I did on the day.
I won't go back and post stuff here that is already on the other blog, so the next scheduled day is at the end of September.
Sorry to disappoint, but once I get going it will be good.