Monday, 5 December 2011

Life Drawing at Wells

On Sunday I went to an all day life drawing workshop ay Wells-next the Sea. run by the admirable Peter Kavanagh.
First up were the very valuable lessons in really observing your subject, with contour and gesture drawing.

Love this, just as it is!

Not so much this one, but I can now see where Picasso is coming from!

We took a break for lunch, at the Wherry, moored on the quay and serving scrumptious sweet and savoury pancakes. We alays have fish and chips when we visit Wells, but Roy is in for a treat next time we go!

My companions, June and Jacqui, enjoyed themselves!
Peter Kavanagh and our brilliant model, Becky. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the other lady.

 Then back to work with a lesson in watercolour. Peter made it look so easy, but I really struggled.

A splendid day. My thanks to Peter and Becky......when is the next one?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Back to Basics

I went along to Peter Kavanaghs' life drawing workshop, accompanied by Jacqui and June, who had never done anything like it before.
It was fabulous, with Peter packing in as much as possible in the meagre two hours.

Firstly, he had us drawing the model as we would normally go about it.
I wasn't happy with my first effort because I had the hand far too big, but looking now I had captured her stance better than my second go.

The next task was to draw without looking at the paper, to concentrate on looking and seeing without worrying about the resulting drawing.

Then draw again, aiming to produce an accurate line drawing by really looking at the model..

Peter then showed us another technique which he called gestural drawing. This was to block in the overal mass of the body, to get the gesture of it, and then go back in with detail. I loved this bit best. I'm always happier working with charcoal, rather than pencil.

This one is my favourite, and I would have loved more time on it. I always used to work this way.....why did I forget?

It was fantastic to get back to basics, to remind me how much I love life drawing. My thanks to Peter, a gifted tutor, and to fabulous model, Becky, beautiful and elegant.
Peter is running a one day workshop at the beginning of Dec which I'm excitedly anticipating will be brilliant!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hertford Art Society

I was a happy bunny to get to Hertford on Saturday! The usual format....sketches of lengthening duration throughout the morning and then one pose for the afternoon. I didn't have the best time, painting wise....the oil got wiped once.....and I think the problem is the lighting, which I may have mentioned before. The venue has windows on all sides which means the light is continually changing. Very frustrating! It isn't such a problem for the sketches but for the long pose...I find it difficult.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sing and Dance 16" x 20" Oil WIP

I am so excited! I have found a kindred spirit here in Norfolk. I had given up with the life drawing and turned my hand to still life, coastal scenes and folk with clothes on, as there seemed to be a bit of a nudge-nudge, wink-wink attitude to nudity.
I was browsing the King's Lynn Arts Centre and was delighted to see an upcoming exhibition in November, celebrating the human form. Further investigation revealed a blog, Two Naked, charting progress leading up to the exhibition. Long story short, I left a comment and am now in contact with Peter Kavanagh, who has obligingly suggested that we meet up and compare notes.
Peter teaches and I was cheeky and asked his opinion of my work.
'I'm very impressed with the energy and freedom in your painting. There's an honesty in your work that's still struggling to get out and sing and dance! I hope you don't mind but I'm going to risk a suggestion for you... I think you work too much from photographs... I do like your work and can see you have bags of talent, which I think will respond even better to real life observation.'
I do agree about working too much from photos, it is very stifling. So now we come to this painting. Although I plan to get to HAS on Saturday, I couldn't wait, so took off my clothes and got stuck in! It was cold! It was difficult with the curtains shut! And vanity wanted me to shave off a few inches here and there! Oh but I did enjoy it, so I will very likely finish it!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

HAS Life Drawing

Another brilliant day, although, again too much time chatting! Same format, a couple of quick sketches and then a long pose for the afternoon. I quite like the oil, I might even finish it! Thanks to Kate and Sarah.....wonderful models.
Sorry to say that there will be no session next month. It has been cancelled because they are laying new flooring in the hall.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hertford Art Society Life Drawing

I am astonished, again, at how little I have to show for working very hard all day! I know I felt absolutely exhausted when I got home.
Nevertheless, I had a terrific day and enjoyed it thoroughly. There are a couple of differences to usual. The quick warm-up sketches I did with pen, instead of charcoal, because I would spend time erasing, and wanted to eliminate that. I feel happy with the sketches so will do that again.
The first oil was an idea blatantly stolen from fellow HAS lifer, June, who had zoomed in on the transition from one body to the other, for the sketches. I was impressed, so I did that too and I like the resulting painting. Thanks June, for that, and for tracking down my missing easel, returning it and furnishing it with my name!
Good news is that there will be an all day life drawing session on 12th March close to where I live. How can I not go, so watch this space for extra helpings!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

HAS Jan 2011

I leave an easel at Hertford, to save carting it to and fro, so the day got off to a bad start when I found it missing. Consequently, I missed most of the quick sketches because I spent half an hour making sure the easel hadn't been misplaced. Luckily the society keep a studio easel at the venue so I was able to use that and the day wasn't completely wasted.
I also didn't feel inclined to disturb everyone, attendance was full to the rafters, by moving the big easel around, hence the repetetive viewpoint!
My favourite is the monotone, done in a rush in the last 15 mins!
Happy painting everyone, and thanks for your visit.