Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hertford Art Society

I was a happy bunny to get to Hertford on Saturday! The usual format....sketches of lengthening duration throughout the morning and then one pose for the afternoon. I didn't have the best time, painting wise....the oil got wiped once.....and I think the problem is the lighting, which I may have mentioned before. The venue has windows on all sides which means the light is continually changing. Very frustrating! It isn't such a problem for the sketches but for the long pose...I find it difficult.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sing and Dance 16" x 20" Oil WIP

I am so excited! I have found a kindred spirit here in Norfolk. I had given up with the life drawing and turned my hand to still life, coastal scenes and folk with clothes on, as there seemed to be a bit of a nudge-nudge, wink-wink attitude to nudity.
I was browsing the King's Lynn Arts Centre and was delighted to see an upcoming exhibition in November, celebrating the human form. Further investigation revealed a blog, Two Naked, charting progress leading up to the exhibition. Long story short, I left a comment and am now in contact with Peter Kavanagh, who has obligingly suggested that we meet up and compare notes.
Peter teaches and I was cheeky and asked his opinion of my work.
'I'm very impressed with the energy and freedom in your painting. There's an honesty in your work that's still struggling to get out and sing and dance! I hope you don't mind but I'm going to risk a suggestion for you... I think you work too much from photographs... I do like your work and can see you have bags of talent, which I think will respond even better to real life observation.'
I do agree about working too much from photos, it is very stifling. So now we come to this painting. Although I plan to get to HAS on Saturday, I couldn't wait, so took off my clothes and got stuck in! It was cold! It was difficult with the curtains shut! And vanity wanted me to shave off a few inches here and there! Oh but I did enjoy it, so I will very likely finish it!