Monday, 5 December 2011

Life Drawing at Wells

On Sunday I went to an all day life drawing workshop ay Wells-next the Sea. run by the admirable Peter Kavanagh.
First up were the very valuable lessons in really observing your subject, with contour and gesture drawing.

Love this, just as it is!

Not so much this one, but I can now see where Picasso is coming from!

We took a break for lunch, at the Wherry, moored on the quay and serving scrumptious sweet and savoury pancakes. We alays have fish and chips when we visit Wells, but Roy is in for a treat next time we go!

My companions, June and Jacqui, enjoyed themselves!
Peter Kavanagh and our brilliant model, Becky. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the other lady.

 Then back to work with a lesson in watercolour. Peter made it look so easy, but I really struggled.

A splendid day. My thanks to Peter and Becky......when is the next one?


Toby K said...

Very nice work!

Naked One said...

Glad you enjoyed the day and the pancakes!

Dave King said...

I have to confess to a preference for the one you don't like so much... sorry!