Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hertford Art Society Life Drawing

I am astonished, again, at how little I have to show for working very hard all day! I know I felt absolutely exhausted when I got home.
Nevertheless, I had a terrific day and enjoyed it thoroughly. There are a couple of differences to usual. The quick warm-up sketches I did with pen, instead of charcoal, because I would spend time erasing, and wanted to eliminate that. I feel happy with the sketches so will do that again.
The first oil was an idea blatantly stolen from fellow HAS lifer, June, who had zoomed in on the transition from one body to the other, for the sketches. I was impressed, so I did that too and I like the resulting painting. Thanks June, for that, and for tracking down my missing easel, returning it and furnishing it with my name!
Good news is that there will be an all day life drawing session on 12th March close to where I live. How can I not go, so watch this space for extra helpings!


Jane said...

Your human figures are superb...ALL of them.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, no travelling so all your energy can be used on drawing. These ones are really good, with all the different media. Great!

SKIZO said...