Sunday, 26 October 2008

Go With the Flow!

We started the day with several 20 minute poses. There were two models, usually one stood and the other sat, crouched or lay down. I have no idea why, but I will always opt for a sitting, crouching or laying down pose! The last one here was an exercise in not taking the charcoal off the paper. I actually love the way it is all out of proportion, one arm thicker than the other, her head too small, etc.!

This was a 1 hour pose, and the other model, just before lunch. I was having a great time, it was one of those days where just putting charcoal to paper resulted in a drawing. No analysing, no thinking, no struggling, no labouring, just going with the flow. I love those days!

This was my effort for the rest of the day, about 21/2 hours. Not much to show is it, but I was flying high and enjoyed it immensely. I can see now that a few areas need cooling down, and I'm not sure if I like her floating!
Thanks for your visit, see you next month.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your drawings very much, particurly the set of sketches on one page, how big is your paper? The oil sketch is also interesting as you had so little time to get it done. Is it finished or will you continue to work on it?

Dianne Mize said...

I love these drawings, Sharon. And I especially enjoy the way you've composed the page. Makes me want to keep looking at them. Good stuff. I'll come back to visit them again.

Sheila said...

I don't see her floating at all! I think the viewer fills in what she is languishing on. just like my floating pin-up gal on my January 12th, "Older Stuff" post. I love this painting!

Lorna said...

I love your paintings. They are so beautiful. I left a comment before and had to leave another. Do u do sketch for people and if so how much do you charge. Do you have some of your work in an art Museum somewhere?