Sunday, 30 November 2008

Life Drawing HAS

First we did two ten minute drawings to warm up. I wouldn't normally try for the whole thing in such a short time, especially with two models! I think I caught the essence, although accuracy suffered a lot.

Next was two twenty minute poses, and going to the other extreme I concentrated on Geralds' head!

For the rest of the day, this pose was set. I was very pleased with this. Usually we have two models and they are separated most of the time, or posed together in a very unlikely way. This I thought could be any couple snuggled up together, watching TV.
I realised afterwards that after two hours I was fiddling with the painting and spoiling what I had done. Next time, which will be the last Saturday in January, I shall try to do two small oils. I really don't know why I didn't think to change position and do another on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I think you did amazingly well in two hours. I remember drawing Gerald years ago. At least I think it might be the same person looking at your heads. Is he Scottish? Its a really good day's work and you could always do more on it if you wanted to, although I like the loose finish you have now. Sounds like an exhausting day!

Sharon Wright said...

Thanks Carolann, it probably is the same Gerald, been drawing him forever, but my question would have been 'does he wear a skirt?' not 'is he Scottish?' !!!!!
I shall probably tidy up the oil, I feel it is too bitty. It was a GOOD day, again.

Anonymous said...

Gerald is still posing for HAS then with or without skirt, I remember his accent. Still you have caught his likeness here.

I guess it would be exhausting for me life drawing all day long, but great it was a GOOD day for you then! Roll on next one.

neetzy said...

Beautiful, loose and spontaneous. Keep it up. I may take up my old professor's invite to "sit-in" on his class. There is something about life-drawing. I love it.

rob ijbema said...

that is a very fine painting sharon
love the soft focus,the suggested details say a lot,so dreamy and sensitive,excellent

Grahame Butler said...

Hi Sharon, first let me thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I love the painting of the couple on the bed, you get a real relaxed feeling from them as you say as if they are watching tv or just talking, I would love to have a go at a life study, but wouldn't know where to start