Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hertford Art Society

2 minute sketch

1 hour sketch

2 hour sketch, afternoon pose

20 minute sketch

20 minute sketch

10 minute sketch

8 minute sketch

4 minute sketch

I've not posted these in the order we did them, which I was trying to do, and now I can't change the order!

We started with the 2o minute sketches, then the 10, 8,4,2minutes, then the 1 hour painting before lunch.

The model I chose to draw, Thelma, then did a new pose for the afternoon. The other model, Michelle kept to the same pose as before lunch.

I had a thoroughly wonderful day, interspersed by plenty of chat, coffee and fag breaks!


Carol Schiff Studio said...

Sharon, Love the profile painting.

David Patterson said...

These are great Carol! I especially love the one hour sketch!